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Small Groups

Connect and Grow in Community.

Small groups are currently on break! If you’re looking to connect to our church, take a look at all that we have going on for Summer at the Gates over on our church calendar. Click the link below!

In the fall of 2023, come check out our small groups – either a Missional Community Group or a Discipleship Group!

What’s the difference between a Discipleship Group and a Missional Community Group?


Missional Communities –

Missional Communities are co-ed groups of about 15 people. These groups are open all semester, and focus on sermon studies of our current series. They often fellowship over food, and spend time investing in relationships. This is a perfect place to get to know more people in the church and get a better understanding of the Sunday topics!


Discipleship Groups –

Discipleship Groups are smaller groups for just men or just women. These groups of about 7 people will be going through book studies, or a book of the Bible. It’s a perfect place to own your study of the word, and spend time gaining confidence and understanding of the Bible. We want you to have the safety and freedom of a close-knit group to bear one another’s joys and burdens. This is a great place to develop deeper relationships, and learn more about who God is!


Come visit one of our open groups below! Contact a staff member or the group leader for more information.

Join us this Sunday!