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Shadows Sermon Series

We live in an increasingly secular culture. The shadows of secular worldviews and social progression cast long, cold outlines over our lives, the lives of our kids, the education system, and the whole of society. Christians must find a way to thrive in the shadows like the heroes of faith who came before. Below are a few books, websites, and videos that we believe will help Christians understand the issues at stake, find biblical clarity, and move toward compassionate interaction with the LGBTQ+ community. This is not an exhaustive list but a list that will get you started.

As we move through our sermon series, if a sermon raised a question you’d like answered or if you have a question you’d like addressed with relation to our sermon topics, you can click the button below to submit your question anonymously. We’ll be addressing many of these questions on Sunday, May 9th 2021.


Foundational Books:

  • God Made Me in His Image: Helping Children Appreciate Their Bodies – Justin and Lindsey Holcomb
  • Thriving in Babylon – Larry Osborne

Homosexuality Issues:

  • Holy Sexuality – Christopher Yuan
  • Gay Girl, Good God – Jackie Hill Perry
  • Living in a Grey World, A Christian Teen’s Guide to Understanding Homosexuality – Preston Sprinkle
  • The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert – Rosaria Butterfield
  • Openness Unhindered – Rosaria Butterfield

Transgender Issues:

  • Understanding Gender Dysphoria – Mark A. Yarhouse
  • Embodied – Preston Sprinkle
  • Transgender – Vaughan Roberts
Websites & Articles

Center for Faith, Gender & Sexuality:

This is Preston Sprinkle’s non-profit that is full of resources (videos, articles, etc.) for adults, small groups, etc.

Christian Sexuality:

A website aimed at college and high school students that addresses the LGBTQ+ issues they’ll encounter and how to respond biblically and compassionately.

Rightly Ordered Relationships:

A brief course by The Gospel Coalition (Rosaira Butterfield) on homosexuality, truth, friendships, and the gospel.

Russel Moore on the Gospel and Transgender People:

A short and very helpful video about how the gospel and our churches need to be big enough for our transgender neighbors.

Teaching & Sermons

Sexuality Conference, Bridgetown Church:

A study on how sexuality relates to discipleship and how we may be forming or deforming our hearts through how we use our bodies.

A Beautiful Design, The Village Church, Matt Chandler :

A look at how God has designed humanity for flourishing.